The Louder The Sound, The More We All Believe - Born of Osiris

Confined in our own fashion, we rise
Fantasies lie in your nightmare
You're not sticking to the point
So we're igniting every fallen dream
Fantasies lie in your nightmare

I know it's more than a dream
You and me so alive
A fading puzzle with one missing piece
A silent figure, no words to speak
I see the faces, the masterpiece
It's getting brighter and hard to breathe
Steps we've made to set us free
As we ascend the virtual grief

The louder the sound
The more we all believe
There's no time for living
With a haunting enemy in our minds and in the people we meet
Let's lose our minds and be set free

The world we know turns at a constant speed
Like lightning we strike
Like thunder we breathe

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