Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui (Who Do You Love if Not Me) - F4

this song goes out to all the females who's hearts been broken
i'm only hear to do one thing and that's to bring it back
so relax, lay down, close your eyes, spread your heart,
check it up, here we go

from the first when our eyes ever made contact,
stepped back, tried to relax
could it be that, that i see that
i'll be standing next to you whenever where ever you'll be at
words maybe strong when it's first time you hear them
baby know you're scared but never the less try to hear them
no false pretenses nothing but the real thing
love coming from the man of steel

everywhere dou shi ni de lian
ni yi xiao wo bei bao wei
zhe fen ai dao chu dou you bian xian
yi kua jiu bei cui fan gui

everywhere wo dou bu hui bian
yue xiang ni yue duo gan jue
ni bu ai wo
wo wen wen wen ni hai neng ai shui

look in my eyees, baby truth or not lies
the questions of what and why
let them die, cuz now's the time to fly
so close your eyes and leave the lonely past behind
and just let me hold you not scold you, cuz baby i told you
that the only thing i want is to grow old with you
look in your heart, cuz i know i've got the parts
to feed what you need from the start

everywhere dou shi ni de lian
ni yi ku wo xian tian hei
zai wei xian wo ye bu pa wei xian
ba xiao jia zai ni yan qian

everywhere wo dou bu hui bian
zhe ke xin mei you shang xian
ni bu ai wo
wo wen wen wen ni hai neng ai shui

now brace yourself and prepare, for tender loving care
no need now to stare, no non other can compare
now for a close up, back that thing up
and let this thing called love take it's course so we can live it up
my future

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