If Youve Got Troubles - The Beatles

This Lennon-McCartney composition survived one complete take
during the Rubber Soul sessions, but was abandoned due to general lack
of quality and was never released.

If You've Got Troubles (Lennon-McCartney) Lead vocals: Ringo Starr

I don't think it's funny when you ask for money and things,
Especially when you're standing there wearing diamonds and rings. (oh oh)
You think I'm soft in the head, go try someone softer instead, pretty thing.
It's not so funny when you know what money can bring.

You'd better leave me alone.
I don't need a thing from you.
You'd better take yourself home.
Go and count a ring or two. (?)

If you've got troubles then you've got less troubles than me. (oh oh)
You say you're worried, you can't be as worried than me.
You're quite content to be bad, with all the advantage you had over me.
Just 'cause you're trouble, then don't bring your troubles to me.
(Ahh... rock on, anybody!)

Guitar Solo (Rock on!)


Repeat second verse

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