One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill - The Flaming Lips

One night while hunting for faeries
And witches and wizards to kill
I came across a hole in a tree in the forest
I climbed inside the tree hole with small fear and loaded my gun
I should have heeded that small fear
I walked towards the wizard's cave shooting to
Shoot out his wizard brains
With a wave of his hand he created a force field
My bullets, all ricocheting, bouncing around his old cave
One of them shot through my temple and severed my eyes
Blinded by my own gun, I got up and turned around to run
Stumbling and tripping, I fell blooded on the ground
The wizard and faeries and witches all came with their medicines to my side
They sprinkled some frog dust on my face, on my face, on my (face, on my face, on my face, on my face)

I saw death's face but somehow his bad grip let me go
I awoke in a strange room with new eyes and that's when I saw her


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