Rick James Interlude - 213

Snoop Dogg.
Snoop Doggy Dogg, what?s up?
What?s up b_tch? It?s Rick James.
It?s Rick James b_tch!
How the f_ck you gon? do mary jane without me?
One of the best singer?s, one of the best lookin? motherf_cker?s, One of the best most talented motherf_cker?s ever in music.
It?s f_cked up Snoop!
F_ck Weed!
C_caine?s a hell of a drug man, how ?bout that?
That?s Real!
I was in love with mary jane first, motherf_cker.
I?m Rick James b_tch!
I?ll break in your house and grind my feet on your couch, b_tch.
That?s how I?m livin?.
Snoop Doggy Dogg (saying with disgust)

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