Twist Yo Body - 213

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah! It's the motherf_cking 213
Blasting off on your ass
Something funky funtabolous
Can you dig it my bobble?
Check this out one time, woo!

[Chorus - Nate Dogg (Snoop Dogg)]
Since we're talking about it baby
Let me twist ya body like it's supposed to
(Twist something, twist something, twist something)
Stretch ya out and lay you sideways
Pull ya hair and twist ya body ike I'm supposed to
(Twist something, twist something, twist something)

[Snoop Dogg]
We hit the club like whatever's clever
Snoop Dogg without a dime piece? Never ever
Gators for the haters step to being devil real big
like the VIP session shut down
Then I spin on 'em, watch me twist ya b_tch
Slugs twist a b_tch, n_gga watch you sleep in a ditch
Pow-pow boogie to the big bang-bang
Lil' mama wanna swang with the 213 gang (Number one boss playa)
Hefner like Hugh, now she's evidence
Splash the heffer with goo; got to do it
I break a b_tch, make a b_tch get something
Go out and twist something, come on


[Warren G]
Twist ya body, baby, kiss me, by the way, you drive me crazy
Ain't nothing else that I can say
Drunk as f_ck, smoking a blunt
Trying to focus on what you working with in the front
Certain to set it off, she twurking it for the boss
So positive I can hit, my n_ggaz is in the house
Can't stop 'til I'm paid b_tch, I just can't quit
But look at this, I'm on the same sh_t, ain't it b_tch?
You n_ggaz talk a lot of sh_t
but walk a straight line and don't f_ck with the clique
B_tch get out my bidness
You won't witness ass n_ggaz get it twisted
This the wrong sh_t to get hit with


[Nate Dogg (Snoop Dogg)]
Say hey lil' lady from around the way
No bullsh_t, there's a party today
We came, it's motherf_cking 213
The lights might come on, but we don't leave
Say hey lil' lady why you doing your thang?
Slide over here, let me shoot you some game
Go insane, when hear some music that bangs
We'll get the party started while you're shaking that thang

Nobody.... (nobody, nobody)
Does it better... (213, 213)


[Snoop Dogg]
Another classic hit
Yeah woo
Hi-Tek did that
Get at 'em, peace!

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