Can't Tell Me Shyt - 2 Chainz feat Cap 1 & Skooly

[Intro - Skooly:]
Same old b_tches n_gga... Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... Wooo!
Same old females, same old females, same old females...

[Hook - Skooly:]
Boy them same old females
Boy you know that they don't mean well
See I met her at Compound
And the next week I seen her at rehab
All these b_tches know that I'm the shyt
F_ck it / F_cking can't tell me shyt
B_tch you can't tell me shyt
N_gga you can't tell me shyt

[Verse 1 - 2 Chainz:]
Came from the bottom, but I survived
And just for the pain, I take OxyContin
Gave my dawg a watch to pass the time
And she be in New York half the time
When I drop the top, you see ashes flying
Walked in Onyx, seen asses flying
She told me that her number was classified
I said b_tch, you should ask for mine!
Sippin' margaritas in Miami with my mamacita
All-Star Game, she was in the bleachers
Every time I see her, I say nice to meet ya
Had it in the room girl, underneath her


[Verse 2 - Cap 1:]
Met her at Live on Sunday
She was in Atlanta on Monday
Club going up on a Tuesday
Told her she can get it how she want it
I ain't picky, I ain't got a type
I'm single, I ain't got a wife
But if I hit you with the slow-stroke
I bet that you gonna spend the night
I bet you find another flight because she just wanna love the life
Seen her out in Cali, man in Vegas she was at the fight
Sunday at the rehab, beat the p_ssy made her relapse


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