Fuk Da Roof - 2 Chainz

(Okay) Free Tunechi, Yeah
2 Chainz! Hey, Hey, Hey

I got a bad b_tch, she more than cute
And b_tch I'm balling, I'm talking more than hoops
This is that fish scale, n_gga we water-proof
I got into it with my car and I said f_ck the roof
F_ck the roof, f_ck the roof, f_ck the roof, f-f_ck the roof
Top back and I'm getting loot
Blowing smoke up in the air and saying f_ck the roof

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I'm in my black car chilling with my yellow ho (Yellow ho)
It's a two seater but it's known to carry fo'(Okay)
2-2 Chainz, Gucci carry-on
I got my Gucci shades, now I just carry on
And I got four zips off in my Styrofoam
See you n_ggas couldn't reach me on the telephone
We the two gun gang n_gga, uncaged
On the front page known to leave n_ggas rugs stained
And I bought my mistress a sharpay
And I bought my yellow b_tch a mustang (Get out of here)
Long hair, n_gga no fade
And I just bought a watch that cost a whole thang


[Verse 2]
I'm blowing smoke in here, tell me where's Smokey Bear
They say I look like a chimney when I'm on the chair
I'm standing in the vip, I'm parked in the vip
I go from vip to vip so much that I'm nauseaous
Yellow ice caution, I'm cautious, yield
My girl like to wear her heels when she on the vodka
Real conversate, wine, and a lobster plate
I'm 'bout to doctor on this track, it's time to operate
Operation, dedication, time to meditate
Twenty-eight inches make this b_tch levitate
I'm on a level where these other n_ggas feather weights
Southside, '09, rolling packs everyday

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