Fuk U Pay Me - 2 Chainz feat Young Dolph

[Hook - Young Dolph:]
Still driving these b_tches crazy
Forever got a due to the fact that the streets made me
She asked can she hit the weed, I said "That's ok with me"
But I'm still screaming "Fuk u pay me"
Fuk u pay me [x6]
I ain't be feeling like doing sh_t but counting paper lately
All of my b_tches be wanting to have threesomes lately

I'm in the back of the back when I back out
Wrapped like a man inside of a crack house
Everybody know I'm a fashionista
Trap trapping out like [?] house
Everybody know what that's about
Swag up to my forehead, Miami from a [?] day
Drinking lean on a moped
Inner shake down for some romance
Look me in the eyes like a grown man
Seen a girl from high school
Busting moves on a pole dance
Southside Atlanta sh_t
Might boss the world with some counterfeits
Tell a n_gga it's sold out, killed the game #PolarBear
I ain't packing for some more there
Long money, long hair
Long nose, leave you long gone
Stretch you out like a long chair
Fuk u pay me, kick your sh_t like [?]'s is there
Comfortable like Hermes, drive a ho crazy #HairBand


[Young Dolph:]
You owe me mula, where's my guala?
You ain't got it? We got problems
Got to send my partner them shotters
I mean them shooters
In the club ordering bottles, strictly for the models
For the bed worth of Versace, get on one side on my closet
F_ck the sh_t out of little mama and drive her Looney Tunes
Play with me, I'll introduce you to the Gooney Tunes
These n_ggas trash, sweep them up, I need a broom
The b_tch's n_gga she ditched on us and then met me out the room
Showed up in that [?], caught b_tt naked like Robin Givens
Sexy pretty ass ghetto b_tch straight from out Memphis
Scream out that droptop: "Fuk u pay me"
You better keep that Glock out, boy you know these streets shaded
Where the f_ck you've been lately?


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