Granny - 2 Chainz feat Bankroll Fresh & PeeWee Longway

[Hook - Bankroll Fresh:]
Granny came I'm like what the f_ck going on
Everybody on the porch, everybody selling stone
Everyboy round here working, n_gga Nextel chirpin'
[?] in 2004 you know back then they were serving
Back then they were working
N_gga [?]
Super charge 442 man that motherf_cker hard
[?] bullets and all that
You can even found where we gon' stash and work hard at

[Bankroll Fresh:]
Serving breakdown wanna be the man who serve flakes 'round
Know I want my sh_t mount
Know them rubberband count it
Know your b_tch on my d_ck
And you know I'm selling ounces
Used to ride 78th, then take the sh_t to Stone Mountain
Now I'm a street executive with street money
N_gga and I count it
Oh you n_ggas looking bad
Oh you n_ggas looking mad
Super charge on them motherf_cker
Cam, got this b_tch fast
Young n_gga just left the dealer
I'm talking about paper tags
I'm talking about straight cash
Where you flickas, that's your bands
N_gga try to duck the van
Keep your eye on your man
The young n_gga ridin' and wildin'
Murk your ass over Xans


Bought a Maybach out of Pro Tools
Before that it was no rules
First one with Panamera, treat that b_tch like a old school
First I got them burglar bars, then I got my sh_t together
When we was on section 8, I feel like I could pay rent forever
Started off with triple zeros then I got me some Ziplocs
We ain't had no people, open a b_tch with a 6 shot
Pull up to the dealership, left and hit a 10 shot
Left that and hit the jewelry store, left there with a wrist watch
Mama still watching Matlock, got the block on padlock
Used all my Gucci boxes, ask motherf_cking stash spot
What more can you ask for, 200 on the dashboard
Got a trap on fire, n_gga, we was down a street from the airport


[PeeWee Longway:]
100 grams in my nutsack, had to tuck it from 12
Grinding on my Nextel, youngins slanging them bells
My uncle Joe the dope tester he heat the dope his fishscale
Back in the day I was rapping, and he would ship it through mail
2004 clientele, I drank my packs on the daily
OG smelling like piss and mattress, 2 for 5 for sale
I put [?] on my bunion, it's the key to my step
Ferragamo 'round my waist, I put handcuffs on myself
F_ck 12 p_ssy n_gga, they can't find out where the stash at
Hundred gas bag, in the Audi hatchback
I started grinding, ain't got no where to hide the cash at
Granny came home like what the f_ck going on


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