Halo Letter from My Unborn Son - 2 Chainz feat Heaven Harmony

It's going down if I say so
I come to raise hell, call me Halo
I'm growing up
I'll be out in a couple months
See right now I'm hanging out in my mama front
Oh dad, I heard you used to like sports, yeah?
Used to keep money in a sports bag
Heaven said you ain't be home in some weeks, n_gga
Don't go starting that sh_t with me, n_gga
By the time I get bigger I need a father figure
Someone to lean on
Sipping lean with your team, [?] big screen on you
You looking like a fiend, ho
You rap about triple beams only
In every argument you try to make my mama seem wrong
F_ck you, n_gga

And Harmony know I'm coming
She would no longer be the youngest
She keep kicking mama in the stomach
I'm gon kick your ass when I get there
You know sibling rivalry, it's all love
We'll all fight and then all hug
Like damn daddy got a ball court
I'm like damn daddy got a four wheeler
Damn daddy got a sports car
Damn daddy been wanting a lil n_gga
We got enough land to find Sasquatch
Damn mommy, daddy making money
What the hell you complaining about?
So what if he was f_cking with girls
As long as he don't even bring them hoes to the house
Heaven straight, Harmony cool
I can't wait to get my own room
I can't wait till home room
I can't wait I'll be home soon like
I can't wait to meet them, can't wait to meet them
I gotta hug now mom
Gotta hug GGG, get babysitted by nanna

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