How It Feel - 2 Chainz feat Bankroll Fresh

How it feel, how it feel to ball like this? [x8]

[Bankroll Fresh:]
Do you know how it feel to ball like this?
I'm with a bad Malibu white b_tch
Shining hard my earring blinging right wrist
It's on flame, LeBron James, yeah I iced it
I'm a real street n_gga I know prices
Hit the door one time and get Hyphy
Real trap n_gga, 9 to 5 Nikes
Racks in my pocket, who don't like it?
Blue P behind the gates, yeah she [?] it
Jojo power, cut us, all my junkies got us on
And I'm in this motherf_cker, I ain't going home
Do this sh_t for all my n_ggas trapping out the phone


10 band, take a zan, then you like me
Got the girl in my room on my right knee
[?] with cuban links on it
And my b_tch so cold, she need a mint gum
How you feel, how you feel in that G sh_t?
Got my first foreign whip off a remix
See I do my own thang I don't need y'all
I got every rights, 6 flags, got the [?] to free fall
B_tch no, get out off my business, operation big dogs
6 cars, tell them f_cking flees they'll get picked off
Sick bars, I'm a f_ck menace in some Gucci tennis
She might get the p_ssy raining, I might do a show in [?]

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