Lapdance in The Trap House - 2 Chainz

Honorable C-Note
2 Chainz!

[Verse 1:]
I ain't never been a minute man
Pour a deuce in a minute maid
Trap house filled with ceilling fans
Weed louder than a hearing aid
B_tch same color as lemonade
We don't got to rent a renegade
And I [?] on a hunna
The only thing I might get is [?]
Tryna take another n_gga's story
You a f_ck n_gga and I know it
See I could wear black in the summertime
And I could wear white when its snowin'
I could show you where to go like a local
Order 20 bags out of Oakland
I might buy me a motorcycle
And use your girl for a chauffeur
I'm the realest n_gga and the illest n_gga
F_ck you lil n_gga and your lil sister
Try to use a n_gga when it's beneficial
Free all my n_ggas out the penitentiary
Louis V all on my leggings
B_tch better get on my level
Put a half a milli in a MCM bag
Had that motherf_cker looking pregnant

[Hook x4:]
Lapdance in the trap house
Get a lapdance off in the trap house

[Verse 2:]
Get a lapdance in the kitchen
Y'all s_cka n_ggas pay attention
See I could make her ass bend over
At the same time make her do the dishes
Oh oh oh double middle finger to the picture
Handgun got a nose like Pippen
Girls come through they want to smoke
'Fore they leave this b_tch they start strippin'
900 dollars for the tennis shoes
Get a lap dance in the living room
She about to turn to the jacuzzi
Cause the trap house don't got a swimming pool
Money piled up on the counter
Got a hundred round drum and an autocount
Got Ziploc bags and a digital scale and rubberbands all by the money counter
Got raid spray you know how the bugs be
Got a fan in the window by the love seat
And I know it was slow at work tonight
So b_tch you better act like you love me

[Hook x4]

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