Makin It Werk - 2 Chainz feat Skooly & Bankroll Fresh

Making it work, give them the work and they're going berzerk
Licking their clit', don't f_ck with them clique and your d_ck in the dirt
Take them to work, pick it back up and I'm going to Paris
Her p_ssy so good, damnit she almost get [?] of the work
Making it work I'm making, I'm making, I'm making it work [x4]

Started off I was 16, trying to get it, trying to get it
Cramped up in my auntie house, momma ain't have to place to live in
Young n_gga known in the city, in the city f_cking all of the b_tches
Then I turned 17 started sipping
Then the all motherf_cking world tried to hit me
They know I'm a rich kid for life
Now a n_gga too T.R.U, no lie
Now I got goo troups, with no lifes
And they'll probably shoot you for no [?]
N_ggas ain't new to this sh_t, n_ggas just T.R.U to this sh_t
N_ggas can't do what we did, n_ggas ain't do what we did
N_ggas can't do it like T
N_ggas can't do it like me or Bankroll
Pull up on your b_tch with a bang roll
And I'm flexing on all of you stank holes
Pocket full of money that you can't hold
I'm a pimp no [?], and really ain't nowhere that I can't go
Momma told me: "Go to church!"
I told her, I love her and I'll make it work


[Bankroll Fresh:]
Show you how to make one zip, make another zip
Started out with an all zip whip
Turned the same zip whip served the all script
[?] the profit out of that zip
Put all the profit in a shoe box
F_ck around, got me a new Glock
F_ck around, got me a new spot
Working at the park man heat hot
Trap talk got me reminiscing
Over hour renting, [?]
For a half and fifty, here goes half a grammy
Baby come and let me get the keys and sneak in
No insurance, do the speed limit
Know a young n_gga try to get it
Either you're broke or getting it
Either you're broke or winning
Remember in the beginning, I ain't even have a penny
One day [?] again
Now I got plenty, n_gga, looking like a ticket
Wars and the sh_t and they looking like a Bentley
Started out trapping and finessing just to get it
[?] hit the pack with a live sport ticket
N_gga, who is asking? Now I got the paky
Now I got a maky, counting them in the backy


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