Natural - 2 Chainz feat Short Dawg

10 grand and cologne long on my dresser
I'm a natural born finesser [x3]
A pimp hand, got these hoes breaking cheddar
I'm a natural born finesser [x3]

[Short Dawg:]
Ain't nobody stretching, even on the stretcher
Trying to test us
N_ggas screaming T.R.U, we like masseuse applying pressure
If that's you're girl arrest her
Ho get out of line, I corrected her
Know this sh_t [?] surrounded by squares like a checker
Migo got that work, buy us every decker
Shouts to Hector
You know [?] can school me
B_tch be making movies, lots of extras
Paid a fortune for the lean
Plus I'm clean, pimping in my jeans
[?] off your queen, bend it over, make her scream
She probably seen...


[Short Dawg:]
Money long as Lexus, put the weed you smoking on a stretcher
Puffing on that trash, you don't blow no gas like a Tesla
Imma stack this cake, all there acting fake for the wrestlers
Party in my place, grab your bag let's [?]
Imma text her tell her: "Imma show my n_gga no affection"
Put her on a pose, now we [?]
Give me all my ho, give me all my cheese
What you mean? Pimping in my jeans
The chick of your dreams? I just kicked her out
And she ain't miss to see


I bet she didn't know for every different ho
I got a different flow
PRPF them foes, [?] ho, regard on [?]
I might free the ho
Get the G's in flow
Pimping got a ho on the brusher
I'm a natural born caresser
I might f_ck her on the strecther
I might make a little money, leave it all on the dresser
And they say "Money tall" but it's a [?]
I'm kicking it like Messi
It's [?] and you can't do nothing right to a lefty
Gown on my Nina, got them standing right next to us
Spraying it with both hands b_tch I'm ambidextrous

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