Part 2 - 2 Chainz

Me and my n_ggas are about to f_ck the city up
I dropped 20 bands early just to get the Bentley Truck
We walked in the blue flame, there was like 10 of us
They were calling my name, they were like: "Tity Boi"
We were trying to lay low like we had something on us
And me and Cap-1 looked like we got 10 on us
We don't have to rent no bus, we don't have to rent no [?]
I know bands was slowing down but nothing is picking up
You ain't whip a brick enough, your old girl ain't thick enough
And if you ain't got a mil in cash, you ain't rich enough
All these n_ggas switching up, all these n_ggas b_tching up
Even if they was drowning, they know not to reaching us
Trying to make a speaker bus, riding in a diesel truck
Teachers tried to preaching us but they wasn't deep enough
Only thing you had for dinner was a blunt and piece of that
Only thing you had for dessert was a f_cking Reese's [?]
See, I'm the dean of The Real U
My girl working at the spot said she don't feel you
I wanna f_ck her and I want her too
I need p_ssy rehab, n_gga what about you?
P_ssy rehab? P_ssy rehab! [x2]
This is part 2 and I can't go no further
Until Gucci come home and put a verse up in this motherf_cker
I'm out!

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