Pimps - 2 Chainz feat Bun B Big K.R.I.T

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Wake up in the morning, roll a blunt and then I count bank
Pull out the garage, hit a b_tton then the top faint
You ain't from the "A", all you really did was migrate
Asking me if I'm great, yeah b_tch I'm great
Swerving down Peachtree, yeah b_tch I'm straight
Every day my birthday, yeah b_tch I get cake
You better get dough, ho you know I taught you better
Take all his cash, grab on his ass, write that trick a love letter
Came up off Ball and G, growed up off Bun and C
Got me a Chevy swapped feet twice the same week
Shawty say she want me, shawty know I run things
We used to wear the mask like Friday the 1-3
Then I found out I had that pimp in my bloodstream
Got me one ho and then I got me a whole team
Had a starting five with a bench on the side
So for every b_tch I got, she got a b_tch on the side

[Hook x2: 2 Chainz]
Pimp all day I even pimp in my sleep
When I wake up I smoke a blunt before I eat
Ho don't violate, b_tch you know I taught you better
Take all his cash, grab on his ass, write that trick a little letter

[Verse 2: Bun B]
I got money on my mind, I got cash up on my brain
I got green up in my eyes and I ain't finna pass it mane
Never let a penny pass, never let a dollar disappear
And if you don't understand me b_tch I'll make it crystal clear
Coming down the Gulfway, passing by the Scale Co
Candy on the car, n_gga pop my trunk they have no
Choice but to watch the neon lights with my name lit
Pimp a ho, stack the dough, yeah I'm on that same sh_t
Lames sit your ass up in the stands and eat a hot dog
This is for the big bosses boy and you are not hog
Never been a eagle man, I never seen you soar
Through the sky, looking super fly cause you paid off a whore
You're not a pimp, put that on Pimp, you a fraud
Buying p_ssy on the side instead of tryna break the broad
We don't do that over here, matter fact we never did
So keep your distance from the circle, we ain't with that tricking sh_t


[Verse 3: Big KRIT]
Your eyes wide open, scopin', ropin' hold that thoroughbred
P_ssy wet like April shower, twerking power, thorough head
Get deep in the mind of a pro, take her where she never been but where she wanna go
Unless she in the comfort of a monster with a mouthpiece, then I reach her on stroll
Pimp sh_t get rich and quick, tell a bad b_tch how I feel
Never laid back, gotta make a quota, if it ain't a high roller keep that p_ssy sealed
So motherf_cker can you buy that? At the rhythm of a bass drum
Hit the club buy the bar like a star take that other n_gga b_tch like dare that n_gga say something
I seen pimps and you ain't one, you're not close to me I'm everything a real n_gga supposed to be
You act like you did everything you could, but she was supposed to leave
At her neck like rosaries if she ain't where she supposed to be, I put her on game
She devoted to the notion of roller coasters, and that won't change
With my trunk on bang, sun on shine, break a b_tch down like a Garcia y Vega
Fill her up with the gumption to hit the ground running, and go and get me some gators
Yeah suits with the tailor, that fit the frame of a n_gga all about his paper
Forever pimping, never slipping, forever recruiting these top notch hoes in the majors


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