Someone to Love - 2 Chainz feat 2 Chainz, Cap-1 & Skooly

I do this sh_t for my people now
They say young Skay got the ether now
I'm sellin' this sh_t like illegal now
I'm comin' back to the teacher now
We're not the same, I'm a creature now
Came a long way from them Regals now
How he hop out of two seaters now?
That's what them b_tches be sayin'
That's what them n_ggas be sayin'
But hate is an ugly trait
You want somethin' salty go sh_t in your hand
Shout out to Cap and his b_tch
He got me whippin' my wrist in a Glad
Look like I'm whippin' my wrist in a Glad
All yellow Rollie, is piss on my hand
I never listen to man
God told me "give 'em the truth", I've just been spittin' the truth
That sh_t you're spittin' ain't true
I'm just a product, can prove
I'm somethin' ill in the booth
I'm known to kill in the booth, I'm known to spill in the booth
See I keep it better, I'll never talk to a pillar
And I cannot talk to these n_ggas, so

[Hook x2]

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