We Fukin It up - 2 Chainz feat Juju, Skooly, Young Dolph, Travis Porter & Greazy

[Hook - Skooly and Travis Porter:]
You playing? We f_cking it up! [x4]
I got me a purp on a lean dealer
Pulled out my syrup, I'm a lean villain
Smoked so much weed I don't need any
I'm with soldiers, I mean killers
You playing? We f_cking it up! [x4]

Strap in this b_tch f_cking up
Ali in this b_tch f_cking up
Dolph in this b_tch f_cking up
Skooly in this b_tch f_cking up

[2 Chainz:]
I'm in this b_tch f_cking up
I was Testarossa met a truck
I was Maserati met had a motorcycle
I wish all my old b_tches good luck

[Travis Porter:]
Y'all playing we f_ck it up
Medecine in my double cup
Spend a 100 even with the plug
Guarantee that I'mma double up
I'm in Magic City drunk as f_ck
After that we're going to head to [?]
That b_tch don't [?]
Phantom pull up on your b_tch


[Bankroll Fresh:]
I'm in this b_tch and I'm digged up
All about the Franklins and [?]
Roll out a reefa, we smoke that Kohiba
Get the f_ck out my house, nice to meet you
I keep it real, I'm not a preacher
It's just some sh_t that I got to teach you
My boss like addict people
F_cking it up we're the hottest people

[Young Dolph:]
You R.I.P she's choosing us
She only want me because I'm up
Or maybe because I have a name
She only want me for the fame

Took her 20 turned it to a 50
I'm a menace all my n_ggas with it
In the strip club throwing [?]
We're gonna show you n_ggas how to get it


I put your ho on the boot
She s_cking and f_cking me up
Then I ick that ho out the coupe
Yeah that's some sh_t Greazy will do

You playing? We f_cking it up!
F_ck it up, David [?]
The choppers still lean out the oven
I still get the work from my cousin
We f_ck it up!

[2 Chainz:]
I'm in this b_tch f_cking paper up
You didn't make enough, I'm feeling safe as a
Married the money no divorce or breaking up
I'm out in [?] rebuilding [?]
Busting that [?] up, coopers are making up
B_tch did the life that I'm living can't make it up
My house is acred up came with my neighbours up
Working with a digital scale and a [?]


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