Xanny - 2 Chainz feat Cap 1 & Skooly

[Hook - 2 Chainz:]
First I get some money, then I pop a tag
First I get some money, then I pop them tags
If I can't sleep, Imma pop a xan
Then I get some money, Imma pop them bands

[Verse 1 - 2 Chainz:]
Ok I done figured it out, I know what you n_ggas about
We slanging narcotics, you know that we got it
There's never ever a drought
My partner just did a whole decade
I just put the beam on the AK
I jumped in the air f_ck what you usin' young n_gga
I'm busting, you ducking and moving
She s_cking and f_cking, I do it
I do it, I do it, I do it
Put that b_tch right on the wood
I'm taking it back like a starter
They busting like mortar, they busting the hollow
She model, she swallow
That sperm like it's water
Everything on Forgiatos
You knowing I'm getting it like no tomorrow
Got 50 n_ggas from Chicago ready to crack your taco
Whip a brick like I whip an auto
Just made a juug at McDonalds
Just bought me ten cars, no car note
Only thing I dodge is potholes, clap b_tch your ass with no bravo


[Verse 2 - Skooly:]
Fifteen, suddenly I want to sing
Sixteen, f_cking hoes, selling drink
I started sipping, got addicted just like nicotine
Such a fiend, not just for lean, for these f_cking B's
Although I lean, I smoke Irene like I've got a disease
Oh yeah I rap and sing, don't you know I rap and sing
And in my hood and what I've seen
You probably wouldn't last a week
And in my hood the good never outweigh the bad
Don't be mad at me
Somebody call the pastor please, a young n_gga killing sh_t
Young n_gga killing sh_t
She want to hear me sing like Marvin
I turn the b_tch gay no Marvin
And I'll probably leave a b_tch starving
Cause I really do be illin' though
When I get to flowing I can't stop going
A young n_gga poppin' like I got dropped [?]


[Verse 3 - Cap 1:]
First I get this money, then I pop them bands
Shawty say she want to pop the p_ssy
I'm just blowing money like a fan
Got them gold [?] shoes cost a band
Got the molly and I sell it by the gram
Got some b_tches that's for it, n_ggas steady getting naked
I done fell asleep when I was on a Xan
Imma treat her like a dog, I'm a dog
In the kitchen water whipping with the fork
In the club tryna order 100 bottles
I done came a long way from that Impala
So I'm balling like I've never seen tomorrow
Shawty want to hit me in the head like a boxer
N_ggas ain't real, they imposters
I'm just sitting back eating pasta
I just ordered shrimp with the lobster
F_cking up the [?] in the mall, popping tags
One call put them killers on your ass
Got gas, need 34 hundred for the bag
Mason Margiellas and the PIPs
When I pull out that weed I say I'm outcha league
Got them foreign vehicles that don't take a key
B_tches on my line, I can't get no sleep


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