Definition Of A Thug Nigga - 2Pac

"Nobody's, closing me out of my business" [repeat 2X]
[2Pac] My definition of a thug n_gga
"Nobody's, closing me out of my business"

[Verse One: 2Pac]

I played the cards I was given, thank God I'm still livin
Pack my nine til it's time to go to prison
As I'm bailin down the block that I come from, still gotta pack a gun
Case some young motherf_ckers wanna play dumb
I guess I live life forever jugglin
But I'll be hustlin til the early mornin cause I'm strugglin
Like drinkin liquor make the money come quicker
Gettin pages from my b_tch it's time to d_ck her
I ain't in love with her, I just wanna be the one to hit her
Drop off and let the next n_gga get her
That's the way it goes, it's time to shake a hoe, make the dough
Break a hoe when it's time to make some mo'
I keep my finger on the trigger of my Glock
Ridin down the block lickin shots at the punk-ass *cops*
And spittin game through my mobile phone
The type of sh_t to get them hoes to bone
My Definition of a Thug N_gga

[Chorus: (various samples)]

"Tis the season, to be servin" "What you doin?"
"Mob-mobbin like a motherf_cker" -- [Snoop Doggy Dogg]
[repeat 3X]
"Tis the season, to be servin" [scratched by Warren G]

[Verse Two: 2Pac]

Well I roll with a crew of zoo n_ggaz
They're quick to pulle a nine when it's time do n_ggaz
Comin through like I'm two n_ggaz, a true n_gga f_ck a Zig Zag
Roll me a blunt and pass that brew n_gga
I'm drivin drunk on the freeway, so take it ea-sy
Lookin for a new face to skeeze me
Everybody's lookin for a nut but I'm searchin for the big bucks
Give a f_ck, rather die than be stuck
in a one-room shack, and, kickin back
Daydreamin with the nine in my lap (huh)
So how's that from the mind of a Thug N_gga
Bought a fo'-five cause I heard that the slug's bigger
Figure the first motherf_cker to jump'll find hisself
gettin swept off his feet by the pump
I put that on my moms, word to the motherf_ckin trigger
Before I go broke I'll be a drug dealer, a Thug N_gga


[Verse Three: 2Pac]

Short than a motherf_cker snatched up by one-time
Make a phone call and be back to ball by lunchtime
So here we go, we in the inner city
I keep my hand on my gat and stay cool, my attitude is sh_tty
N_ggaz don't like me cause I'm makin ends
Roll in a Benz and I blaze a blunt, cause I'm all in
And any n_gga trying to take what I got'll
hafta deal with the sixteen-shot Glock (huh)
So here we go, I can't be faded
Happy in the motherf_cker, finally made it
Got my money in my pocket, finger on the trigger
And I ain't takin sh_t from no n_ggaz
I'm just tryin to make some money right
Put some motherf_ckin food in my tummy right
I'm feelin good like I'm supposed to, ready to ball
Find a spot and we can serve em all
My Definition of a Thug N_gga

[Outro: (various samples)]

"Tis the season, to be servin"
"Mobbin like a motherf_cker, every single day" -- [Snoop Doggy Dogg]
[2Pac] My Definition of a Thug N_gga
[repeat 3X]
"Tis the season, to be servin" [scratched by Warren G]

"Nobody's, closing me out of my business" [continually scratched to near end]

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