Fake Ass Bitches - 2Pac

[little kid] Tell me about these fake ass b_tches

Look here little n_gga
Most of these n_ggaz be b_tches too
but you'll never hear that side of the story
So uhh, we finna do this sh_t like this

It's like I tell my n_ggaz, keep your eyes on these b_tches
They love to G a n_gga young dumb and gettin riches
What the f_ck you think a trick is n_gga
N_gga done stick and wet his d_ck
and then get tricked out all his riches by a -- B_TCH!
I'm here to school you to the rules of the game, it'll cost ya
Think you alla that just cause she let a n_gga toss her
It's like a motherf_ckin priveledge
So don't give up your conversation, give that b_tch your 7 digits
When she call ya, ask that tramp whassup
And if she is the type of n_gga hang up, worrrd up
And let that b_tch meditate to the dial tone
And call me when you're ready to bone, and it's on
A motherf_cking mack tonight
Stay that stay strapped cause my raps is tight
You f_ckin punks, I hate you snitches
Went against the grain and the game to be fake ass b_tches

(God, damn! You can't just hit them n_ggaz with that game
and expect them to accept it; girl your heard me it gets skanless.
But we gonna kick this sh_t like this here)

[Chorus: 2Pac]

I can't stand fake ass b_tches
Lyin ass n_ggaz and you punk ass snitches
[repeat 2X]

Time to show these bustas who's boss
Run up on a real motherf_cker and get tossed
The game is deep, and thicker than a motherf_ckin jimmy
Broke hoes runnin round yellin "Gimme!"
I can't stand it, hoes talkin bout they got a man
Sh_t all I wanted her to do is s_ck my D_CK
So how about hittin a motherf_cker on my pager
Busy now b_tch but you can give me the p_ssy later
Fly how I fade her, played her like a game of Sega
F_ckin with the player that done made her, huh
And I ain't sleepin caught you creepin for my money
Got the d_ck and now you get the pistol honey (b_tch)
So get the bozack, knockin hoes back, keep my dough stacked
So where the motherf_ckin hoes at?
Punk n_ggaz can't fade the mack, livin fat
Gettin paid to rap, it's like that, you motherf_ckin b_tches

Yeah, yeah that's my motto
She educated a whole bunch of you old raggedy-ass n_ggaz
So y'all take that sh_t back to y'all camp and uhh
you sleep on that there, it's like

[Chorus 2X]

Oh you too n_gga, don't think we ain't talkin bout your punk ass
You old fake ass n_gga
Standin there wearin all them Pendletons and khakis and all that
You soft as a motherf_ckin grape
Ain't this a motherf_ckin b_tch
I can see right through your flower ass
Some of these n_ggaz is b_tches too, man I tell ya
It's gonna be harder and harder to be a Thug in ninety-fo'
but we gonna do this sh_t
Y'all take this sh_t and you play this sh_t for every single
fake ass b_tch out there
And there's plenty of em
You probably got one sittin next to you right now
Bobbin his fake ass head to this, dope ass sh_t that he listenin to
Fake ass motherf_ckin b_tch, die in ninety-four

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