Shit Don't Stop - 2Pac

Sh_t don't stop [2x]

Game rules often slang to the right fools
Heavy hittin' at this motherf_cker's straight spittin'
Diggin' deep into your brain while tryin to explain
why real n_ggas need to stick to the game
It's the same got these motherf_ckers changin' on me
Jealous-ass player-haters gaming on me
Look out motherf_cker homey-G
As in gettin' motherf_ckers 'fore they come get me
Get down for the right for the wishes
Fake ass n_gga, you in sh_t, for fightin' over b_tches
You call that a player?
Straight-ass sissy
See me at my show n_gga miss me
Cause I ain't tryin' to hear that bullsh_t
Got a pistol motherf_cker try to pull quick
And just cause i'm rappin don't mean I ain't scrappin
And if you clip when the sh_t happens, it don't stop

[chorus] Sh_t don't stop...

Now my guess is true
Them thug life n_ggas is a bull
Everywhere we go
The n_ggas trippin at the door
I want to dance with you
You can dance at the party and not get whipped [1x]

See the sh_t don't stop
My 9 goes pop
Your body drip-drop
Throw that ass in a zip-loc

[Rated R]
Now you've been hauled away in a body bag
Get your Sammy D said how your blood got sneeze me

Yo you f_ckin' with a thug yo your ass gets plugged
With this hollow-point slugs
With ya under the rug

[Rated R]
That's why my deaf n_ggas don't play that sh_t
In thug life n_ggas be the craziest

So when you think about f_ckin' this
You better wear a vest
But it really don't matter
We ain't aimin' at your chest

[Rated R]
Nah we blowin holes in your motherf_ckin' skull
Make sure your ass is smoked
That's all the fat lady wrote

You heard that fat b_tch sing when my sh_t went bang-bang
But it don't pay when i flaunt your brain

[Rated R]
N_gga, ain't no plain cane brothers come no show
In the casket
Git'n they ass kicked
And blasted

It don't stop

[chorus 1x]

All I wanna do is try to Mac the hoes
Spin bank on thangs sellin me a sponsor on my foes
It's like each and every one they got the look of death
I got my 9 n_gga
Don't be silly
You better watch your step

And pussies we crossin when my crew is flossin'
B_tches we tossin'
And n_ggas we crossin'
It's like a murder rhyme when we hit your hood
It's all good
The punks? I wish you would!

Wouldn't better to just corrolate what we bust
Instead of kickin' dust
Gets a press y'all from nuts
Cause ain't no herbs here
And ain't no morgues
Beware of the water 'cause they full of sharks

But in every state
N_ggas perpetrate and test
Where I come from fools die for less
And thugs keep thugin' till their casket drop
It's on 'till I die
And the sh_t don't stop

[chorus 2x]

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