Street Fame - 2Pac

It was a dope spot from y'all
One on one strappin'
That's the way it was when the four of us was strappin'
I'm a f_ckin' class from the Gs in the hood
Puttin' worth, did some dirt
Now a snitch never would
Blowin' fat jag blunts with my n_gga P
Growin' up
Time comin' back sippin Henessey
We said we seniors are old
And I felt like a god man b_tch
And i had my pickup '85 b_tch
And my family was known to be great
See Syke Moore representin' no matter who sets it on
Street power
Why you n_ggas flip and you thug sh_t
I be by my motherf_ckin' grip
Numba nos
Cause we three million minds
Remember that
Damn its a shame
But still I'm in the game
I'm tryin to get street fame


Don't blame my mama
Don't blame my daddy
I know they wish they never had me
In and out of jail by 12
Failing out of school
Cause I was livin' by the street rules
Hangin with hoes
Droppin dawgs as a little loot
I was gettin my respect but i was still rude
Into the game and slang
Into the c_caine
With 'em double ups
We slangin them whole things
Hey I just told my mail man
You hangin like a bail
And even with no proof they gonna put me in jail
Everbody says he's sold and I'm outta control
Motherf_ckers gossip and I still roll
B_tches want my cash on my dash on my pac-vit
They wouldn't know a motherf_cker if he didn't have sh_t
So while I'm ballin and kickin up dust
Get your score fresh
B_tch made n_ggas know not to f_ck with us
Cause I'm livin on the edge
I'm blastin lead
Wanted by the feds they got to take me dead
So f_ck it try to work it in the inner city
In the land of no pity
I made it by the street fame


[Rated R]
Super storm made it by street fame
I had to make some people feel the pain
In this dirty game
I know I'm on my way to hell
Hey yo gather it up for all the n_ggas that have been smoked
The hood that took me under
A n_gga gots the heart
Don't get it twisted cause I'm mad with my homey's score
I kill for my n_ggas, my n_ggas kill for me
That's the love you get from your drug for you pootie
It works, see?
I'm a G
Would a gang of n_ggas have to reach and appeal me
Cause I smoked their homey
Well don't feel proud
Cause around here thats what makes it worse
I smoke blunts all day to keep my mind off them
They don't stop
Through my casket drop-top let me ride
All i want is Shatmo
He's a god
And it don't matter if a rapper plays
Cause I cought the back of some minds
F_ck the fame


[fade out]

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