When We Ride - 2Pac feat Outlawz

[Outlaw Immortalz]
Bow down to somethin greater than yourself trick
Individuals capable of enormous amounts of chin checks and eye swolls
They know
You watchin but you ain't seein what lies before you, beatch
Picture if you will seven deadly human beings
blessed with the gift of speech, the power to reach
each n_gga on every street
May the Heavenly Father look down and be proud
of what transpired since the day the seed was planted
The G grew but we knew he'd rise up quick
Smoked out, loc'ed out, all into sh_t
Just me and my dogs livin like hogs
Outlaw Immortalz
What follows is the story, what proceeded was the glue
What lies between is the fiction
Don't f_ck around and make it true

My adversaries crumble when we rumble it's a catastrophe
I pull revenge on b_tch n_ggaz that blasted me
Plus my alias is Makaveli
A loaded three-fifty-seven with hollow points to a n_gga belly
Bust him to see if he bleed, he shoulda never f_cked around
with a sick-ass n_gga like me
They call my name out and n_ggaz run, best be prepared
for the Outlawz, here we come

[Hussein Fatal]
They call me Hussein Fatal, it's a two game table
I'm robbin ya n_ggaz cradle wit a knife in your navel
Rap-related criminally activated and evil
I wouldn't wanna be you behind my f_ckin Desert Eagle
Till the end, I'm tellin all friends and enemies
You see what I got to make you freeze, to touch me you need ten of these
Complete most, wanted on the streets of the East coast
Young Gunz fire and n_ggaz bleed, I see Mo

I be shinin like white diamonds and crystal, glistenin holdin pistols
The mission's simple, fold up and roll up dead presidentials
Sew up all the potential, million, billion dollar baller potential
Sort it, oughta call on a n_gga I'll be sure to get you
Take cash bro, fast yo, for my Kastro
Blast and I'ma last yo past all these Glass Joes
and assholes who claim, like they be runnin thangs
I be gunnin those same n_ggaz runnin late, to their fate

My alias is motherf_ckin Na-poleon, and I'd rather be
robbin again before these motherf_ckers leave me sufferin
But the sh_t ain't nothin, and I got no time for no bluffin
befo' a n_gga finish with puttin in work I betta end up with somethin
I think these n_ggaz got the game f_cked up
If they don't believe, that a young n_gga like me, would bust (Boo-Yaa!)
Perhaps it's a must, I'm facin cases, f_ck probation
is what I'm screamin when these money hungry cops be chasin

[Chorus: Tupac]

Thug n_gga till we die, no mercy
on these playa hatin b_tches, ask me why - when we ride!
Thug n_gga till we die, no mercy
on these playa hatin b_tches, ask me why - when we ride!

It's the imperial serial killer, alias Mussolini
Mentally unstable G status, so you can't see me
Drug warlord, riding Concorde jets
Rag Vette's, shakin b_tches and snitches and trippin on sets
Ingle-Watts banger, keepin one in the chamber
For the anger that I build inside, when it's time to ride
Suicidal thoughts lurk f_ckin no end to revenge
F_ck any, my alias Mussolini

[Idi Amin]
They call me Idi, from the side of seedy
Young n_gga greedy, so I'm runnin up on these n_ggaz easy
It ain't nuttin, cause if they wantin somethin, so I'ma commence
to dumpin stomp down and struck up while my beat is bumpin, Thuggin
to my f_ckin last nut, with Lo-Pole and Kastro
Who you thought was on that asshole, don't ask though
Outlaw Immortalz doin this dit-nirt on the sli-zow
Ain't no chance to hide when we ride

My alias Khadafi, Trump tight so feds can't copy
Six-three and cocky quick to hit your b_tch if she drop me
Severely addicted to livin like a f_ckin felon
while beefin with rookie cops the cookie rocks a n_gga sellin
Since a short I been livin life defiant, nickel plated chrome
Got this baby Capone lookin like a giant, and I ain't lyin
It's like it's me against myself with all these
backstabbin snakes grabbin at my f_ckin wealth

[Mo Khomeini]
Mo Khomeini goes terrorist, mad man killer
The bottom of the river where the body lays and shivers
I'm that n_gga with the fifty cap pouch, with the murderous stacks
that increase, while these motherf_ckers eat beef
It's been a long road, a lot of episodes
And as the glock loads, I gotta teach hoes
Reach hoes, make em feel a n_gga when I'm mashin
Now I'm surpassin any assassin

[Chorus 2X]

Hahahaha, Outlaw Immortalz baby
Y'all n_ggaz can't fade this ol crazy sh_t
Makaveli, Hussein, Kastro, Khadafi, Mussolini
Amin, Naploleon, Khomani
What y'all really wanna do?
Haha like them n_ggaz said
"What would you do? If you could f_ck with me and my crew"
Hehahahahaha, Thug Life, yeah n_gga
Flashin on n_ggaz
Thug Life right? This year we Thug Life
But we Outlaw Immortalz
We die n_gga, but we multiply, we like legends n_gga
Like I'll make you famous motherf_cker
I'm talkin about Newsweek and Time Magazine and all that ol good sh_t
My n_ggas make the papers baby
My n_ggas make the front page
Multiple gunshots [fades]

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