Young Black Male - 2Pac

("Hard like an erection..." -- Ed O.G.) Young black male!
("Hard like an erection...")
("...ain't sh_t to fool with" -- Ice Cube)
("Hard like an erection...") Young black male!
("...ain't sh_t to fool with")
[runs backwards] Young black male!

[2Pac] Yes n_ggaz... yes n_ggaz... yes n_ggaz

Young black male!
("Hard like an erection...") Young black male!
("Hard like an erection...") ("...ain't sh_t to fool with")
("Hard like an erection...") Young black male!
("Hard like an erection...") ("...ain't sh_t to fool with")

[2Pac] Go n_gga, go!!

[Verse One:]

Young black male
I try to effect by kicking the facts
and stacking much mail
I'm packing a gat cuz guys wanna jack
and f_ck goin to jail
Cuz I ain't equipped to stop how I look
I don't sell ya-yo
They teachin a brother like I was in books
Follow me into a flow
I'm sure you know, which way to go
I'm hittin em out of the dopes
So slip on the slope, let's skip on the flow
I'm f_ckin the sl_ts and hoes
The bigger the b_tts the tighter the clothes
The gimminy jimminy grows
Then whaddya know, it's off with some clothes
Rowd when the crowd says hoe
That let's me know, they know I can flow
Love when they come to my shows
I get up and go, with skins before
When I'm collecting my dough
I never respect, the one that I back
The quicker the n_gga can rap
The bigger the check, now watch how they sweat
What kind of style is that?
The style of a mack, and ready to jack
I rendered up piles of black
The wacker the pack, the fatter the smack
I hate it when real n_gga bust
They hate when I cuss, they threaten to bust
I had enough of the fuss
I bust what I bust, and cuss when I must
They gave me a charge for sales
For selling the tales... of young black males

Yes n_gga, N-I-G-G-A n_ggaz

Ay n_gga you can't handle that sh_t!
Pass that man!

Hit that sh_t, that's the sh_t!

It smell like skunk, skunk smell like that n_gga momma

We ain't nuttin but some low down dirty n_ggaz
Keep it real n_gga, f_ck you n_gga!
You ain't givin me near a dime on this real motherf_cker
F_ck St. Ide's it's an Old E thing baby
Strictly some of that Hennesee

Can I drink with you fellas? Can I get it on it?

F_ck you capo. You ain't in baby.

I tell you what! You guys are not gonna be talking
all that sh_t, when I come back, OK?
We gonna say who the big mouth, when I come back


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