Life's Not a Race - 311

Music: Hexum/Mahoney; Lyrics: Hexum/Martinez

A day like today is for you
To let your mind unwind like you ought to
Feel the earth turn ?round when your heart
rate slows
Contemplating the thing only your heart
That life?s not a race

So hard to believe
Part of me will fade
In the mystery
In a future world
Long ago
Part feels for your love
And lives to tell you so

The world whirls around your mind in a
golden spiral
The natural way that things organize
You can?t stop entropy so why even try
Observe the conscious flow and don?t mystify
Life?s not a race


Slippin into a trance
A chance encounter in the autumn
What do I see an opportunity
And then, I got em?
Sought a chill-out mix to
Carve some space
To make you wanna listen
It?s a bubblin? spring and
Double in kings of
This Soundsystem


Do you see world without end
The rising sun my friend
Imagine cloudlike
You will form again
In the spacey boredom
In the autumn of late afternoon
You are calm
Just like a sleepy room

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