Curtis 187 - 50 Cent

[50 Cent]
Ay n_gga tell 'em where you from!
Southside, I'm a Southside n_gga what
N_gga stunt, you know I tear a n_gga up

They say I'm grimy, I'm greasy
I make a one-eight-seven look easy
F_ck that~! I lay my murder game down
Push me n_gga, see what I'm about

[50 Cent]
I was a snotty nose, nappy head, dirtball n_gga
Sayin I can't wait 'til I get a little bigger
After n_ggaz jumped me, bumpin my head
Thinkin I wish I had a gun I fill a n_gga with lead
Took a kitchen knife to [censored] fin' to poke me a n_gga
Wishin I had a gun so I could smoke me a n_gga
Sold my first five quarter gram pieces in the alley
Where Bizzy had the Bondeville and Kev had the Caddy
Now those were the days, when crime really paid
The nine milli sprayed, I got the f_ck out the way
From shootout to shootout, the bricks went fast
Robberies went bad, n_ggaz got blast
N_ggaz kidnapped Drew grandpa kid
Came through and shot Ms. Leak in the head
You wonder why I got a gun? So I can get down for mine
You need that, out on the grind all the time

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[50 Cent]
It was Kangols, Cazelli shades, Pumas and corn braids
Doo-rags on the waist, brass knuckles, switchblades
Ski mask to get paid, new shells to get sprayed
Hoodrats to get laid, money to get made
YEAHHH~! .. Yeah I had a dream
I was rich, woke up broke, gun in my hand
Sayin DAMN! .. Dope cost sixty a gram
I got to find me a n_gga, line me a n_gga
And say "Give it up kid, before I put one in your wig"
Picture me thirsty, ridin 'round foamin out the mouth
Sayin "I don't get on, I'ma lay a n_gga out"
Now diamonds are beautiful and pearls are precious
I hit you and your b_tch both over your necklace
I'm wreckless, I spray the semi drunk off Henny
Wipe your blood off the shines, run and sell 'em to Benny
F_ck with me, y'all n_ggaz know Boo Boo get bizzy

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[50 Cent]
I gave Just a buck-fifty, ask him if I cut n_ggaz
Shootouts in Bedford, ask them if I bucked n_ggaz
In four-fifth they call me Boo Boo, the accident baby
Hennessy and c_caine helped to grime me and make me
My eyes don't cry, I'm a fatherless child
Got my ass whooped in Spofford but never that now
When my name in your mouth, you better watch how you talk
I'll send yo' punk ass to therapy to learn how to walk
I bust a clip, I'll hit ya hip, I'm takin your sh_t
Thats how the eses play, for that SSK
Your probably heard through the grapevine, I'm good out in Watts
Bulletproof sh_t, cruisin through them Compton blocks
I'm the beast from the East, but I play on the West
In the drop by myself with my nine and my vest
And you n_ggaz best be on yo' best behaviors
I was bred for this sh_t, front on me I'ma blaze ya

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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