Don't Worry 'bout It - 50 Cent feat Yo Gotti

[Hook: 50 Cent]
Don't worry 'bout how I get my money, b_tch, just know I get my money
Don't worry 'bout I spend my money, boy, I got a lot
Don't worry 'bout that car I drive, don't worry 'bout that bike I ride
Don't worry 'bout them diamonds in that bezel on my watch
Don't worry 'bout it, don't worry 'bout it
Don't worry 'bout a mothaf_ckin' thing
Don't worry 'bout it, don't worry 'bout it
We got a strap up in here if n_ggas playing

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
When time pass and I'm not around, n_ggas saying I'm out of town
Probably moving them bricks around, they swear they know how I get down
Don't worry 'bout what I'm doing, don't worry 'bout what I'm doing
My closet full of that fly sh_t, black card when I buy sh_t
Sell the sh_t you get high with, these n_ggas on my d_ck
Don't worry 'bout what I'm doing, don't worry 'bout what I'm doing
That's your b_tch, I understand, I've seen it all on Instagram
I'm just from the past, I done been all in that ass
Don't worry 'bout what I'm doing, don't worry 'bout what I'm doing


[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
Don't be worry 'bout my record deals cause I still got my plug
Don't be worry 'bout my b_tch pimping, she get money out that club
Don't be worry 'bout my partners and 'em, we get money, we eating
You talk sh_t 'bout a real n_gga, b_tch, you must be tweaking
Don't be worried 'bout my whereabouts, money all I care about
Keeping it real in my neighborhood, play with me and I'mma air it out
Why you worry 'bout my money, n_gga? B_tch, you think I'm broke?
The Fed worry 'bout what I'm doing, think I'm selling dope
I may be and I may not, go to jail I may rot
I ain't never gon' snitch, n_gga, never been no b_tch n_gga
I got big guns, need a extra large, y'all n_ggas got question marks
Talking down on a real n_gga, that's how you get a hater charged


[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
Don't worry 'bout what they talking 'bout
Don't tell me what that b_tch done said
I'm done with her, you can go with her
I'm leaving here with another b_tch
Don't worry 'bout how they look at me
My diamonds on, damn, look at me
These p_ssy n_gga be shooked at me
Wanna judge and throw the book at me
Don't worry 'bout it, I ain't worried 'bout it
Had time to talk to my legal team
Don't worry 'bout it, I ain't worried 'bout it
Ain't sh_t they could do to me
Still rocking, still rolling
We holding, bill folding, you know it
When I start to ball out money start to fall out
Throw it up, it fall out the sky
Baddest b_tches go all out, whole bar get bought out
That's what I call my lifestyle


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