Doo Wop Freestyle - 50 Cent

Aiyo, I know these n_ggas don't like me
But I don't like none of ya'll n_ggas, you know what I'm sayin
50 cent, 9-9, motherf_ckin doo wop
Volume 3, take it however the f_ck you wan' take it
Faggot ass n_ggas (50 Cent show these n_ggas how to rock)

Yo, they done shot that boy down like a dog in the street
Left him smelly, man f_ck that, roll em over take that fellas pellet
You ain't never heard a motherf_cker spit like this
Not even puff, and that n_gga there made crazy hits
Every few years a n_gga come who crazy hot
I'm the next best thing since Biggie and Pac
Now I'm sayin this sh_t slow, so you don't miss it
Don't be a statistic, my jewels from the district
Stay with my biscuit, touch mines and get twisted
Son I'm off the meter, my mind locked on crime
See I'm tired of all these rappin n_ggas dyin to shine
And I'm tired of fiends askin for a dime for nine
Hearing this next punch line from me, may sound strange
You sit your 5-dollar ass down, before I make change
Yo the sale went stale, caught em real bad
Fresh out the jail, sh_t is really real
N_ggas is still in jail, and I pray they don't tell
20-man inditement, my lawyer gotta fight this
N_ggas know, I ain't never pressed for dough
And n_ggas know, I don't serve nobody I don't know
Son said he was from O.T., pay 11 an o.z.
My man brought em to me, see he ain't really know b
That it was hot, dude was a cop
He was just tryin to pop, to put the new beams on his drop
First I served him o.z.'s, then I served him whole keys
Now we all co-de's, damn man I O.D.
You know how it is on the street, n_ggas is holdin the heat
Po-Po walking to beat, we burnin l's up in the jeep
Ain't nothing sweet, we used to move so strategic
It's over I can't believe it, damn it's over
Fed's ceased the six, the Lex' and the Range Rover
Now a n_gga rollin in a Toyota Corolla
Used to never get high, now I'm never sober
380-6 shot glock top load-up
Keep it in my waist son, I'll put one in your face
I ain't got nothing to lose, n_gga so stay in your place
Just jumped bail, I ain't been on the run long
But it feel like a motherf_ckin marathon

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