Stretch Armstrong Freestyle - 50 Cent

Uh, yeah, 50 Cent
It's Murda Mix Tape Vol. 3
Whoo Kid, Stretch Armstrong n_gga
Take that, yo, aiyyo
N_ggas don't wanna see 50 on a track
I got these cats that rap scared of me like I'm Ace and Jack
F_ck that, if I was you, I be scared of me too
Yo Stretch, roll the weed, while I tell 'em what I need
I need cream by the stacks, shells for the mac
Rims for the 'Ac, and a b_tch to blow her back
I need the coke to come back, mad time on a jack
I got the Fendi sweaters, all I need is the hats
I need the police to chill, stay the f_ck off my back
See a n_gga in a Benz, sway peddling crack
I need a stash box son, so I could stash the gat
I need a stadium light, to leave 'em blind as a bat
Flipping from under my plate, while I'm running from Jake
I'm making mistakes, look I need extra pace
My man up north, need the new Stretch Mix Tape
I'm physically fit, nah for real son I'm in shape
I need that Beyonce b_tch, to take me out on a date
N_ggas follow my footsteps, 'cause everything I say, slick
But I need y'all n_ggas, to get off my d_ck
My description in three words, real witty cat
I'm in the club in ATL, I'm where the titties at
What, what, 50 Cent n_gga, 2000 sh_t, Stretch Arm-Strong
Whoo Kid n_gga, Whoo Kid n_gga, Whoo Kid n_gga
What, Whoo Kid n_gga, this how it's going down (*echoes*)

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