The Funeral - 50 Cent

Boy you forgot my style

Flowers, funeral service, a kid's in the coffin
It sounds so familiar, don't it happen so often?
The shoot-out sh_t happens, the sister read the eulogy
Couldn't help but think, "N_gga better you than me"
Trey-eight ain't got no safety, that bullet got no name on it
But it's hard to miss when that thang got a beam on it
First shot pop off, e'rybody poppin
Shot the glass at the store front, we forgot God was watchin
Run run, hit the gate, D's yellin "Drop it"
N_ggaz gettin jammed up; better that than a jammed-up
His momma said a few words to her, "He was innocent"
She might've heard he did some sh_t but never saw no benefits
So in her eyes, he's mommy's lil' baby
But he was outside, talkin to n_ggaz crazy
In a room full of people came to pay their respect
I just came to get a close look at a n_gga to check
That n_gga dead as a doorknob, stiff as a nail
And my man, tomorrow he gon' get out of jail
R.O.R., trust me n_gga I know the law
Released on your Own Recognizance - that bullsh_t I'm on it
That's his first taste - I mean his first case
Got knocked with the strap - but not the one that clapped
This n_gga here we still got that, yeah
The first law in my hood is show no fear
Him and love was closer than we thought, that n_gga in here cryin
Oh sh_t, in the store he probably passed him the iron
These some grimy ass n_ggaz, full-breed vultures
Tryin to come up, still eatin around roaches
Cookie Crisp, Cap'n Crunch, breakfast of the champions
Lucky Charms, stay armed, and n_ggaz won't clap you then
We watch the side b_tch talk like she his main b_tch
His wifey just sat there, preachers wasn't sayin sh_t
Right jab, left hook, hand full of weave
This type sh_t a n_gga got to see to believe
These b_tches actin up in here, police they don't f_ckin care
Homicide snoop around to them, we all with the sh_t
Cousin back from college sayin he gon' get who did this sh_t
He a ball player n_gga, n_gga better play ball
You play with the wrong n_ggaz we gon' get to lettin off
I done seen enough, feel like it's time for me to split
Hit the parkin lot and chill where the weed is lit
Twist the cap, pour out a little liquor
All the theatrics, you know, like that was my n_gga
We all can't win, some of us gotta lose
Envision a lil' dog barkin at a pack of wolves
Cause that's what happened; yeah yeah, that's what happened
He just went on and on 'til n_ggaz started attackin
Actin like he was the only motherf_cker packin

Fifty bars of pleasure, fifty bars of pain
When I'm dead and I'm gone n_ggaz will remember the name
It's 50... yeah, yeah
Fifty bars of pleasure, fifty bars of pain
When I'm dead and I'm gone n_ggaz will remember the name
It's 50... yeah, yeah, haha

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