Whoo Kid Freestyle - 50 Cent feat G-Unit (uncredited)

[50 Cent]
Yo this is 50 cent, yaknawsayin?
I'm here with my man Whoo Kid, you know how I put it down n_gga
It's not safe around here as soon as the street lights
G-Unit n_gga

[random shout outs]

[50 cent and G-Unit]
We can't get Money selling weed...WE GON SELL COKE
Ain't no money sellin' coke... WE GON SELL DOPE
Ain't no money sellin' dope... WE GON SELL X
And if n_ggaz wont by the X... WE GON SELL TECS

[Lloyd Banks]
My advice for y'all n_ggaz is stop frontin
'Cause 50 say pop somethin', I'm gon pop somethin', what up?

[50 Cent]
Don't make me send a n_gga to you, 16 shot ruger
Send twelve shots to you, run four in the clip
Get in the whip, it's a wrap

[Lloyd Banks]
Nah f_ck that

[50 Cent]
Man, you done hit the n_gga twice in the head, that's that
N_ggaz running with the steel out, now it's time to peel out

[Lloyd Banks]
50 let me drive

[50 Cent]
Nah I got this, n_gga chill out

[Lloyd Banks]
It'd be nice to get the n_ggaz ice, get it, give it back

[50 Cent]
Just get in the corner store cause it's full of them A-rabs
They blowin' the sh_t up like it's okay
I got a bomb on my waist I'm Kamikaze [laughing]
I dare Ds to get next to me

[Lloyd Banks]
Or a n_gga to creep up and put a tec to me [explosion]
Yeah, yeah that's it, it's a freestyle
The f_ck you want for free?
F_cking A-rabs just ran the planes into the f_cking building
Coke price went up 10 grand this f_cking week

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