No More - a1

You say we'll work it out, then you say you're having doubts
Tell me walk away, but then you'll go insane
You calling me day and night, saying he don't treat you right
Then you always turn around and give him one more chance

* Baby you know it isn't fair, you'll send me to be there
But we'd never get no where

** I've got one foot out the door, I don't wanna hear about him no more
I'll make along so we shall, time too make up your mind girl
No more back and forth, I don't wanna hear about him no more
If I'm not what you want, I don't wanna hear no more

Stop telling me you need more time, tired of the same old line
Better make a move or you are gonna find
Are you taking it, cos you know it's wrong
Better let him know it's time too go your moving on
Baby you don't know how close I am to being gone

Really known you long enough
I can only take so much, tell me if I have you heart
(How do you really love)

[Repeat * , **]

(I don't wanna hear no more)
If your sure that you really love me
(I don't wanna hear no more)
Out the door if you still don't know
I'll be there for you and you know it's true, you belong to me
What you go and do (I don't wanna hear no more)

[Repeat ** , **]

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