One In Love - a1

Have U Seen Ur Sunset
Fade Beneath A Raincloud
Have U Ever Chased Ur Dreams Away
Did U Ever Think That
Life Was Just A Highway
A Never Ending Road Of Lonely Days

There Are Times We Cry
And Reach Out To The Sky
For The Strength We Need
To Hold Our Head Up High

All We Have To Do Now
To Love One Another
Sisters And Brothers
Can Al Live As One
And All We Hav To Do Now
Is Show One Another
We All Need Each Other
To Love As One In Love

Have U Seen A Sunrise
Promising U Daylight
When All U Need To Shelter From The Storm
Have U Ever Felt That
Love Was Just An Island
U Can't Survive On Love All On Ur Own

There Are Times When I
Need To Reach Inside
For The Strength I Need
To Hold My Head Up High

Repeat Chorus
If We Push Aside The Blame
For The Tears And The Pain
U Know Love Can Reign
And The World Will Smile Again X2

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