Walking In The Rain - a1

Ben Sitting By The Window
Singing Songs Of Love
Wishing You Were Here
Because The Memory's Not Enough
Wear My Mask In Silence
Pretending I'm Alright
If You Could See Then You Would Be
Here Standing By My Side

It May Be Hard To Believe
But Giral You're The Only One I Need
It May Be Hard Along The Way
It's This Feeling I Get
When Blue Skies Turn To Grey

Feels Like I'm Walking In The Rain
I Find Myself Trying Towash Away The Pain
Cause I Need You To Give Me Some Shelter
Cause I'm Fading Away
And Baby I'm Walking In The Rain

Christian Every Single Hour
Of Every Single Day
I Need To Cry My Eyes Are Dry
I've Cried My Tears Away
Can't Help But Remember
How You Made Me Feel
You Dressed My Soul And Made Me Whole
You Made My Life Complete


Ben Of All We've Said And Done
Remains The Memories Of Days
When Life Was Fun
But Now When You Are Gone
I Sit Alone To Watch The
Setting Of The Sun


Christian I Said Baby I'm Walking In The Rain

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