Constipation - Ab-Soul feat Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
As we proceed to give you what you need, T-D-E

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul]
Omega, Black Hippy came through to switch flavors
Wake and bake no taters
Pa-pass me the ketchup I'll homestyle fry em'
You n_ggas better catch up as swift as I am
I was born in Zion
I defeated the Lion, soul made of iron
Yeah, Soul made of iron
Now a n_gga talking, now you can't fold when you trying
Try for triumph
Survive by any means necessary even if it means dying
Dying! F_ck the world missionary, Malcom got popped
Obama got in office, and I'm still on the block
Ain't sh_t changed,the grinding never stops
Call it progress, and the reason why the chicks always fall in our nest
Two n_ggas getting high
Heh! Flying objects. Hehehaha! Yes!
We got next, now forever the hippy is black interrogated by (By!)
Instrumentals that give me a rhythm
Put the maze together and blaze
Don't be afraid, (Aye), See this is how we do
Would say I thought you knew but that would not be true
In fact, Be Q
You fags are through and like all of you teachers thus far
I'm passing you (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

[Hook: Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q]
Black Hippy! Black-bla-b-b-bl-Black Hippy
Black Hippy, Black-bla-b-b-bl-Black Hippy
(yeh) Black-bla-b-b-b-bla-b-bla-b-bla-b-bla-b-b-b-Black Hippy
Please fix ya face, we rolling up so much, anticipation
We finna shock the nation, Oh Sh_t! Constipation!
F_ck b_tches, f_ck hoes, f_ck b_tches f_ck hoes
F_ck b_tches (We finna shock the nation) f_ck hoes
F_ck b_tches, (Constipation)f_ck hoes, f_ck b_tches, f_ck hoes
F_ck b_tches, f_ck hoes, f_ck b_tches, f_ck hoes (As we proceed)

[Verse 2: Jay-Rock & Kendrick Lamar]
(black hippy) Rebel without a cause
Full clip left you stiff like a manikin
Hit him in his temple, left him at the Taj Mahal, What you on
I'm on some other sh_t, feeling like I stepped off the mother ship
We sabotage the government, CIA gotta evacuate when we done
The state troopers would call off the shooters at dead run
It's going down I said
Boogie down, down
Boogie down Bronx
In a black borrow hound
Bumping Biggie like
Pac ain't dead
Two side call it Twenty-two (Ugh)
I'm twenty-two and I rap like twenty zoos
Straight animal
Ace Ventura couldn't find no cure
So raw probably bite off the face of Hannibal
Protein shakes, acid, and manure


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