Day in The Life - Ab-Soul feat Kendrick Lamar

[Ab-Soul & (Kendrick Lamar):]
My n_gga, do you have a gas can?
(The f_ck I'm gonna do with a gas can, nah, n_gga what?)
It's just been a long ass day, man
All I need is a gas can
(Na, try down across the street, I think that n_gga keep one, I don't know)
I'm finna head over there and I'mma be right back
(F_ck what you doing, man?
Knocking on the door extra hard and sh_t like you just stressed out or something)
My n_gga, I don't even know where to begin, dog
(What happened, man?)

[Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:]
Look, I woke up this morning feeling f_cked up
What else is new? Like God be like, "To hell with you"
To tell the truth, I ain't been to church in like three or fo'
Years, not months, have mercy on my soul
Threw on the wife-beater, put a fitted on my skull
Took a long ass piss, grabbed my shades and hit the door
I had half a blunt left from last night
I lit that b_tch up like a lightbulb and got right
Started to orchestrate my day like a maestro
I should hit the lab, I got verses like the Bible
I heard hip hop need revival
It's been camouflaged like the mascot for Geico
In that bullsh_t, I took another pull quick
My mind flooded like a f_cking swimming pool is
Went back in the house, raided my mom's refrigerator
But everybody's on a diet and my stomach ain't quiet
I said, "F_ck it", hit the shower like a jackpot
The weed got my teeth off-white like crack rock
Toothbrush from the 99 cent store
I got a million dollar smile, it don't make sense though
Threw on my army fatigue shorts and a T that say "Peace Not War"
Now everybody eyeing me
I don't know if I need an iron or it's the irony
And by the way, I'm at the gas station now
But not to get gas, just another black and mild
Sh_t this half a half a tank gon' have to last until Monday
And it's Tuesday, the b_tches still want me like a bouquet
I hit my n_gga Agent, he want to roll up two Ls like Cool J
I'm like, "Alright, cool, Jay"
But I gotta be at work by 3, it's midday
I can't go in smelling like weed, he said, "Okay"
Stop by the cheap tobacco store, two swishers for a dollar
And when he meet me, we finna get high, like a greeting
He told me, "Drop five", I said, "I got you next time"
Long story short, I bumped my head on cloud nine
And I'm chilly chill even when it's hot outside
Rode to the studio rather blasted
I spit like a dragon that'll leave a fan flabbergasted
That's when my gas and my check engine light
Clicked on at the same exact time I signal right
And that ain't right, I got sh_t to do today
Cause any day you could be attending my eulogy
Got to the studio when everybody left
I saw a note that read, "We went to go work on Detox with Weezy F"

[Break - Kendrick Lamar & (Ab-Soul):]
My fault n_gga, I actually came up with the idea to write that
(You laughin' but that sh_t ain't funny man)
It was funny at first but

[Hook - Ab-Soul:]
A day in the life
Of mister soul brother number deuce
Damn he nice
I'm thinking if you only knew
You could f_ck with it or middle fingers up to your whole crew
Tell 'em the regular n_gga said it and that it
A day in the life
Of mister soul brother number deuce
Damn he nice
I'm thinking if you only knew
You could f_ck with it or middle fingers up to your whole crew

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul & (Kendrick Lamar):]
Now it's 2:58 and I'm running late for work
Running meanin' stuck in traffic cause the Home Depot is finna jerk
I been in the same position before
Manager said it better be my last time, but it won't
I clocked in around 3:10 and I'm wishing I didn't
Cause UPS just brought in this big ass shipment
And for those that don't know, I work at a record store
And I make hot records (That's a sick ass gimmick)
Finished the inventory then I logged on Myspace
I had one download and 'bout 16 plays
5 friend requests from s_cka MCs making a name
I signed out and had to question my aim (You weak n_gga, that's all)
This old-timer walked in and we got to talking about Eric B and Rakim
And the perm on Al Sharpton
Osama bin Laden, Obama in the office
And he looked me in my face and said I'm destined for fame
Told him I do music, he like, "Whatever you do, do it
And don't blink, the moment you close your eyes, you'll lose it"
Word to wise, that was some great advice
That I took like I stole it, then my head sort of swollen
I guess that's why I sh_ts on 'em like a cleansed colon
Told the rest of the shoppers we finna be closing
I locked up like Akon and hit the street
It's 8 PM, and I ain't had sh_t to eat
All day, KFC, snackers a dollar each
Bar-b-que and nacho cheese
I bought 4, ate 3, gave one to Top Dawg
I would've had one for Punch but he moved like a sloth
I'm back at the studio now if I lost ya
And everything's straight, you can thank great posture
Hit my lil momma up cause I'm trying to cut
But she on the rag and I don't mean a bandanna
She told me come through, she gave me head like Rihanna
And I deserve a standing ovation for my swagger
Chuck the deuce, headed for the car to finish off the night right
But it wouldn't start

[Ab-Soul & (Kendrick Lamar):]
Laugh it up n_gga, laugh it up man
Sh_t ain't funny man, that's why I need that damn gas can
(Gas, n_gga, you gotta put 5 dollars not 3 in)
Sh_t n_gga I ain't got 5 dollars to put in!
(That'll get you one gallon, n_gga)
Whatever man, bullsh_t dog, keep laughin'
(Tryin' to save that extra dollar for that menu
For the McDonalds menu n_gga ain't gotta cut all the time
N_gga you gotta put the whole 5 in it)
You gon' shoot me 5 or what? F_ckin' bastard
(I know you're on a budget, but damn)

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