God's a Girl? - Ab-Soul

"Hey Soul"
"Wassup G G"
"I finally figured out..."
"Thank God for girls"
"God's a girl"

(God's a girl, God's a girl, God's)
I ain't gon' lie, you got me cryin' with a hard d_ck (amen)
How I love you so much that I hate this sh_t?
I get it get it, I (don't stop)
You ain't doin' your job if you don't say (oh, my god)
Come have sex with Jesus
Come have sex with Jesus (Soulo)
Come have sex with Jesus
You ain't doin' your job if you don't say (oh, my god)

Every single time, yeah
And all I got is goddesses, I'm a heroine addict..
That's it, that's it
Yeah cause I.. I really wanted to talk about like
You know, it's crazy how you know like you know, how Jesus is in the bible and he don't get no p_ssy at all
A 33 year old virgin
Yeah it's crazy
Like all the drugs are girls
Mary, Molly
Yeah for real, they're all named after girls
And they're really like female plants and sh_t

Yes Lord (Black Lip Pastor)
We in Frankies castle with the pack though
Motherf_cking pack
Top want me to go to rehab
Told him I would go too
Probably just relapse
Cause that's what ill n_ggas do
Won't even pop a bottle without poppin a pill
Can't have a meal without picking up the bill
Should be more concerned with my health
But I'm gonna die trying to get this wealth
Pay attention n_gga
I've been going platinum, they just trying to take it
F_ck boys acting up, like an adult film audition
I'm just eating these rappers up
Sending artists to the mortician
I'm just with my n_ggas hanging, case of champagne
Need some water but I'd rather me a martyr for the cause
N_gga y'all n_ggas still don't get it
Juvenile never went to juvenile hall
It was 400 degrees on terminals
The homies playing with the strap off safety
And my lady at the time she stayed on gun lock
The irony in that alone is crazy
I come up with sh_t like that that's why they say I'm crazy
I'm with the sh_ts, I'm off the sh_ts
Rockstar lifestyle might not make it
But I guarantee she make it to the penthouse naked
You n_ggas been outdated
Like the b_tches I dated way way way way back when
Now I'm getting brain in the tenant's Maybach Benz
It's rented but I'm in it n_gga
I didn't pay back
More insufficient funds in the last 5 months than you gonna make in this whole year
On the mountain top about to cry cause it gets so lonely up here
Is anybody out there?
Can anybody hear me?
In this jaded generation of complacency siri don't even take us seriously
But that's some other sh_t just being honest with you
Right hand on the bible with you
My ancestors came on the mothership
So I got to take it farther n_gga that makes sense

My head in the clouds
Getting head in the clouds
By an angel in disguise
She an angel in disguise
D'evils gonna be my demise
I swear that God's a girl, b_tch

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