Introduction - Ab-Soul

Long term is defined as:
To mature over or after a relatively long period of time
To earn capital gain derived from the sale or exchange of an asset held for a specified time
(This is Long Term)
Long term is defined as:
To earn capital gain
To mature over or after a relatively long period of time
Long term

I know it's short notice
But this is Long Term
Don't make the wrong turn
You're all trapped in my circle of doom
Be aware, success'll be circling through
I puff a square for my n_ggas who ain't here
To see me unbelievably make the unbelievable believe in me
Yeah, that's what I do times 2000 more than you
In 2000 I was cool
In '01 I had fun
In '02 I recorded my first song, and I was sprung
In '03 I was deep
In '04 I had flow
In '05 I signed to Street Beef for no dough
In '06 I met Punchline, damn I thank Punchline
He saw more in my music than metaphors and punchlines
'07 dude Dawg told me I was family
And now it's '08, Long Term, bon appetite

This is Long Term
I hope you love it cause I'm thinking long term
I came, I saw, and conquered
And it's an honor
To share this with you, wait no longer
Mother f_cker this is Long Term

Shout out to Top Notch, cause they gon' ride for me
That special pinhead who stay by my side, homie
Prospect holding a spot in the sky for me
That's on my life, real n_ggas never die, homie
Now all eyes on me, I see you n_ggas watching
Hoping that Soul sell out like a f_cking auction
I'm in the laboratory working on a concoction
I ain't rapping, I'm a chemical reaction
To you n_ggas slackin'
Like suit bottoms, yo what's happening?
I'm back again, dope shop open like a cabinet
Chauffeurs could get arrested for trafficking me
Like I'm wrapped in vaseline and go for 18 5 a key
At 18 I was a G, sneaking in clubs
Breaking down dubs and the whole hood showed love
Never thought I would make it this far in this game
Now every bar is insane, but not the Long Beach game
And I don't need a big chain or Escalade on 6s
Cause I can roll with Juice and take all of your b_tches
And you ain't never seen a top dog so vicious
I'm a star, right? Women hand me they wish-list
My reign is endless
You would need an umbrella that lasts forever to witness
My lyrical fitness
My physical's eminent
I know Caucasians that compare me to Eminem when he thought he was infinite
But this ain't 8 Mile and I ain't rapping
But ladies used to do me shady after math classes
Black lip bastard with black glasses
Bad habits backing up in the back of cab stratus ass magic
I'm Jay, more graphic, uncensored
So if your kids have it homie, it's promotional use only
And after this you owe me, like the letter after N my friend
I present Long Term, let's begin
This is Long Term

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