Kendrick Lamar's Interlude - Ab-Soul feat Kendrick Lamar

[Kendrick Lamar:]
24/7, 365, motherf_cker I'm still right on time
Oh you thought you had me all figured out?
Take it from the horses mouth, you'll never understand me
I told you, my Plan B is to you win your hearts before we win a grammy
These Days ain't sh_t changed
Different toilet, same sh_t... and I drank a whole gallon of laxatives by accident just to sh_t on you has-beens
Had it been for my past tense, I wouldn't be rapping
See these streets made me, broke me down, built me up, drove me crazy
Made me hungry, made you hate me, but f_ck love
It don't make dollars it don't make sense n_gga
By the way that's DJ Quik n_gga
Respect or check it
These Days I'm a little more focused cause y'all cracked the door and I kicked it open,
yellin' get the f_ck down or I will shoot
I told you [gunshots] not to motherf_ckin' move!
Be another example, I'll take the whole industry hostage if I have to
I'll sabotage this game, a good kid? Yeah that's only in my mama's eyes
I seen a dead body at five and that sh_t made me traumatized
So These Days, a little blood on my hands ain't nothing compared
To hopping out a minivan, with a mini 22 3s and the homie TuTu
Two more YGs
Ain't nobody got time for that!
These Days it's only time for rap!
So Herbert Anthony Stevens, you make or break bread before we break even
Before they broke our records we broke records and wrote pieces, of history
So These Days? These accolades are meant for we
It's only truth that this sh_t was meant to be

[Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid:]
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam

Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam

Life's in a Traffic Jam

Sh_t... what more did you expect? HiiiPower
For the most part, we go hard for the respect
I'm obviously ominous to my competition and if I ain't better than Kendrick than nobody is then!
We shared our life with you, shared our light with you even in the darkest of hours
In hopes that one day, just maybe, one day the world'll be ours
Ha, and now they look up to us like towers for rhyming like we had super powers
They should've never let us in these offices...
Knowing good and God-damn well how well we've been ducking officers
Laughing at the scraps they offered us in the past
And now we toast champagne to the thirst we never had!
I had my ups and downs but I always left right
Rest In Peace Alori Joh...
TopDawg for life!

And oh yeah...

I watch that fire that we have gathered around and see that it burns similar to the fire that is inside you...

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