The Notch - Ab-Soul feat Bin Ghrimm, Young Magic & BC

[Verse 1]
By the motto
We can't lose, but you can die from them hollows
That the team shoot, the whole match got game
We them Parker Brothers flame
Leap up and bang just to park a brother
I guess my burner got a motherf_ckin' [?] and sh_t
Been grim [?], yeah that's a real gift
Thunderstorm in the club, let y'all drip
Trip rain man, call me [?]
The notch a machine like [?]
I ain't stealin' who? N_gga, who ya chick
Bet I lick my lips, then she lick the d_ck
Then we summersaulted, them b_tches just a flip
And know I got you salty like high blood pressure
Top Notch n_gga, nothin' less will bless ya
If you test us, pile [?]
And you playin' dress-up

[Verse 2]

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