Turn Me up - Ab-Soul feat Kendrick Lamar

Yeah, come come now
Soul brother number two, I'm the one now
Sun up to sun down, still kickin' that sh_t
Put your gun down
I come in peace like a extraterrestrial being
Eat me a meteor and walk across the moon barefeet
But don't nobody rhyme like this no more
Call me the 2010 Rakim
I got soul, there's more in store
Feel like a CVS, open 24
Spent nights tryin' to overshadow my shadow
For n_ggas tryin' to block my light like a solar eclipse
I bring a knife to a fist fight and when I cut a record
So when I cut the cheese, sh_t you know what it is
Mr. Absoulutely the most incredible at this
So adjust your bass, your treble and then

Yo, turn me up some
Yo, turn me up some
Yo, turn me up some
Turn me up some, turn me up some

Finna break this blunt down and burn me up one
Then sip on this Remy 'til it turn me up some
For me it's more difficult to be simple than it is to be complex
As a lot of apartments
You n_ggas comedy, I'm laughing at you probably
We are not the same, there's no strand of monotony
Between you and I until we die
Revelations say you either fry or fly
And it's hard to find God when you ain't never seen Him
It's pie in the sky and there's bodies on the cement
And I know you lookin' at me like, "You don't speak English"
I bring the heat like a phoenix, a son under Phoenix sun
And I'm rootin' for the Lakers when they play the Phoenix Suns
I ain't really into sports, that's just where I'm from
Long Term Two
And if it's in your possession then follow the directions my dude


[Kendrick Lamar:]
Come come now
Pac told me f_ck the world, I'm 'bout to cum now
I've been a pro, but now I'm profound
Propane on posers, restraining from the doja
Imagine if I smoke, I probably come up with a quote
So heavy you'll forget every album you heard from Hova
Or 2pacalypse I'm Hub City's novelist
Come and get your scholarship, I'm taking kids to school
A pool full of spit, dive in, I'm 'bout to drool
You'll drown trynna backstroke on concepts that I wrote
I was a black sheep, but now I'm just a goat
And I'm 'bout to elope, married to the game joe
This is hip hop at its finest, where'd you find this? In a Ziploc
Til the wheels fall off, f_ck a pit-stop or what not
Where my tear drop? I murdered it
My pot-holes is turbulence
I'm in the sky wit it
When you listening to Kendrick, just


This for my n_ggas that really rap all night
No sleep, do it with your eyes closed
I can see your vision from Del-Amo
Poppa took the television, but left the radio
Ill n_ggas, wack n_ggas, what's the ratio?
Is this sh_t degrading or inspirational?
I'll have you know I must've wrote about a thousand rhymes, a thousand times
I give you my word

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Cause I just gotta be heard
I just gotta be heard
I just gotta be heard
Said I gotta be, yes sir I gotta be
Heard, heard, heard, heard


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