Twact - Ab-Soul feat Jinx & Short Dawg

[Intro - Ab-Soul:]
Jinx what up my n_gga?

I get turnt, I get rowdy
Backwood full of some of the loudest!
I'm f_cked up! I get wasted
That's a hundred dollar cup I just wasted!
I'm Twact!
(I get high, she get low)
Motherf_cker I'm Twact!
(I get high, she get low)

[Verse 1 - Jinx:]
Uh, Twact out till I pass out
If you ain't f_cking with the team then you assed outFlow dope like a crack house, b_tches pill poppin'
House poppin' like a Frat House
Keep 16s like a verse n_gga
Codeine got me leaning in reverse n_gga
I popped a Xanny then she dropped her panties
I get the dough and bring it home, to the family
See I ain't f_cking with you man if you ain't paying me
I'm from the village baby, I'm just tryna win a Grammy
Uh, smoking Backwoods back-to-back
Double cross the squad and get popped like Cracker Jacks
You see the look in my eyes so you know I'm strapped
A real Compton resident, yeah you know I'm that
I pulled up to the function with the pack
Turnt in this b_tch to the max!

[Hook - Doeburger & Jinx:]
My n_gga I'm twact (I get high)
Turkey bag full of that gas
N_gga I'm twact (she get low)
Styrofoam cups, no glass
N_gga I'm twact (get high)
Got them bars on me, no rap
N_gga I'm twact (she get low)
I don't even know where I'm at
N_gga I'm Twact!

[Verse 2 - Short Dawg:]
I just got home boy I'm glad I made it
The Codeine got me activated
New mix alert, Soul you have to taste it
Know I got the lean on me, like tax evasion
I mixed it with a whole lot of cannabis, mind travelling, getting throwed like a javelin
H Town slang I done poured up a Matt Schaub
Drugs got me like woah I'mma twact raw
And now on a mission just to get some cheeks
If she don't answer when I call, Imma hit delete
I don't love these hoes at all, boy I be with freaks
Cause they know if I fall it's gone be asleep
And I'm back on the road sipping mud again
Tryna stay inside the lines like I'm coloring
The cops say "I seen you swerving, tell me why."
I told em I ain't even gon' lie...


[Verse 3 - Ab-Soul:]
Soulo ho, well known from Del-Amo to Soho ho
This ain't Arabian night but let me see your camel toe
I might even set up my camera too
Oh, do the splits on the d_ck like aerobics
Them other n_ggas talking sh_t but they don't know sh_t
No, they ain't on and ain't on sh_t
Yeah they on that, I'm on this...
And I don't need no necklace cause I be off the chain
And all they say is yes when everybody know your name
Got a pack of Jet fuel that they don't use for planes
Unless it's a metaphor for how high I'm remaining
Seals in the cut like Navy training, along with a couple other things I shouldn't be naming
Eh, Long Hair Don't Care, how come I'm the most faded in here?


Ladi-dadi we likes to party
We might cause trouble, we might body somebody
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ladi-dadi we likes to party
We might cause trouble, we might body somebody
Ah! Ah!

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