(Stop That) Bitchin' - Abs


Stop naggin' girl, you just shut-up,
Always on my case bout' how I spend my dough up.
The only reason that I'm here still with you coz' I love you,
But why you wanna know what I get up to?
Ever had a girl don't trust what you do,
It's the same everyday like a deja vu,
See it's easy, if you wanna please me,
All you gotta do is keep your lips sealed girl,
Take it easy.

Always on about what I did,
Where I was at, who I was with...
Can I get a remedy?
Got a head full of this girl sweatin' me.

You better stop that b_tchin',
Girl you gotta listen,
Coz' I ain't gonna take it no more.
You?re on a star just wishing,
So babe I'm on a mission,
Yo check my definition of love.

Well lemme let you that
... you sound like a horse girl,
What you expect, of course girl.
I'm gonna wanna need a little time,
Am I crazy?
Damn I used to think you was fine.
Now all you do is all day, same old,
Tellin' all your friends I'm a lame-o.
Let's get it right girlfriend from dot,
You always sayin' why, I'm sayin' why not?



Damn, why you always gotta moan?
Even in the studio, when I'm on the phone?
You crackin' me up, yo leave me alone!
Yo I had about enough now, get your ass home.

Talk about my car
My house, my dog, my mouth...
My rhymes , ... damn near everything I do.
(Yo what about your friends?)
Yeah even them too

(girl's chorus)
Coz I never know who your with,
Never tell me ?bout what you did,
Tell me what your waiting for,
Had enough but I still wanna give you more.


Talk about my hair
My clothes, my teeth, my toes
The PS2 that I play all day ...
Well I?m a play it anyway
Know what? I ain?t gonna lie
Your starting to really **** me off man



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