Just 'n' Image - Ace Of Base

[Lead vocals: Linn;
Backing vocals: Jenny/Nanna Hedin]

I'm driving through the night
I'm driving through the rain
The engine roars I'm on my way
Away from Mr. Pain
My eyes keep seeing what
My mind wants to forget
Those sequences they
Rock 'n' Roll inside my head
Over and over and over again
I concentrate harder and harder and then
You are just an image
(that I can't see)
You are not for real
You turn into a picture of somebody
Someone I don't know
Someone I don't feel

(...just an...)

The wolves cry out tonight
I see your broken line
The sun will rise without
A love without a smile
I always think about
the way you had to leave
I close my eyes
Cause I was with you
By that time

Faster and faster and faster-ahead
as if you were waiting
for my down the way
I have never seen you
lying on a floor
Crying needing more

(...just an...)

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