Let's Never Go to Sleep - Action Action

Alone again, sociable
Just a walking contradiction for the diction to beat
I'm so dumb, so very numb
I can't tell who, why, or what i've already done
Incomplete, did you get any sleep?
A photocopy of a copy of a copy just leaked
Stuck in this room, stuck in your dreams
One, two, three, fourteen times a day

Can you see, you remind me of
How i use to be
Let's say goodbye to our maybes
Incomplete, just a texture of
How life really is
And it seems to feel so real

Eys wide shut, faded to white
A little conversation never seemed to stray this far
Ignore my thoughts, is that blood on your sleeve
A needle dropped inside my basket of great, great ideas
Susceptible, open and bare
Going under in the seven seas of long blank stares
Your so damn it, i'm so damn hot
Let's burn it out, and be forgotten forever and out

Time and circles, it's the way we are
Held by the legions of our alcohol
Bound to the faintness of an hour glass
Open boxcutter, empty cigarette
The meaning of life will come in a dream
This is why we must never go to sleep
Confined to our habits, rinse, wash, repeat
Open boxcutter, empty cigarette

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