We're Makin' up - Adam Brand

There's a rumour goin' round that it's lookin' like splitsville between us
But all that talk's just talk
So don't you believe it
'Cause I just got a call from my baby
And she was all, guess what?

We're makin up
Our on again off again is on again
Were makin up
She really wants to make it work
I'm still so in love with her
Forget about everything you've heard
Were makin up

Well I'm the first to admit that the road's been a little bit bumpy
But don't you think for a moment that she don't love me
Take your nosy little nose and get a whiff of these roses on the seat of my truck

Maybe we argue a little too much
Maybe we broke up more than once
Ah but this is the part I love

Here she comes now
Gonna go out for a little dinner
A little wine
A little huggin
A little kissin

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