Horny for Your Love - Adina Howard

I'm so horny for your love (I'm so horny...ooh yes I am)
I'm so horny for your love (I'm so)

As you licked me on my ear and whispered something dear
Saying, "I love you"
I'll never forget the look in your eyes
How I took you by surprise saying "I love you, too" oh boy I'm so horny

I'm so horny for your love (I need you)
Seems I never get enough (I can't get enough)
I'm so horny for your love (I wanna feel you)
Come and heal me with your touch

As we hold each other tight and kiss good night
I can't control you no, no
(So if our hands) Would come to this
Simply could have been a dis
I'm outta control for you

Can't wait to get my hands on you
Do anything you want me to (I will do anything you want me to)
My love is coming down all over you(can you feel it coming down)
Can you heal the pain baby, I need love


Sugar lets get it on (repeat)

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