There's a Road - Admiral Freebee

First they teach you how to walk
but do you really wanna know?
They tell you how to swim
you don't know how it feels to drown
so beg for an end
cuz your life is all just begone

You will get your victory
go ahead and take it
I don't need it
cuz there's a road out in the woods
yeah, I took it several times
and I might take it tonight

There's a dance I used to dance
but they don't play that kind of song no more
and I lost my enthousiasm
in the masses when I was four
call it the most legendary way
for a man to slam the door


(I don't claim these lyrics are perfect!! I have only a live version of the song, with a lot of nitwits shouting over the lyrics. If you have corrections: they're welcome.)

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